Database Format Protocols

Last Name Protocol

Married female alumni are presented with an hyphenated name in the database.

Example: Jacqueline L. Bowers would be shown as having the hyphenated last name "Bowers-Palmer".

The maiden name appears first and the married name second with only the use of a dash in between.  Do not use spaces or other characters such as brackets (), etc.

Phone Number Protocol

Separate area code and phone using dashes in the following format xxx-xxx-xxxx

Do Not Use All Capital Letters In Data Fields

Do not use all capital letters in any of the fields as it appears like screaming in the form.  This is especially true in the Journey/Profile field and the Comments field.  Also, the database does not recognize paragraph breaks and tends to appea like run on sentences.  Using a double - - dash to separate paragraph works.

Photos Optional

If you would like your Alumni photo scanned into your contact photo, contact the webmaster.  To see what is possible, view Ed Palmer's profile.  Note: To create the photos in the profiles requires photo sizing to 175px height x 129px width along with manual uploading and programming of photo location.  There is a small fee involved to accomplish this. Up to three photos can appear within an alumni's profile.

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